The people of Stockholm go out a lot, and they love trying new exotic food. Ironically that makes it very hard for foreigners to find a restaurant with traditional Swedish cooking! If you want to eat African, Persian or even Jamaican food, no worries, but for a traditional Swedish meal you need inside info.

Hötorgshallen, Hötorget

Hötorgshallen is the underground food market. There are delicacies from all over the world, including of course traditional Swedish dishes such as crayfish and graved salmon. The place is busy, but not as hysterical as the fruit market outside.

Café Tranan, Karlbergsvägen 14, Odenplan

This is quite a fancy restaurant, but they have a bar section in the basement with a bar menu based on traditional Swedish cooking. Meatballs is not on the menu, but ask for it anyway and they will serve it! Good value for money, and a place to meet locals.

Tennstopet, Dalagatan 50, Odenplan

The oldest pub in Stockholm, with traditional Swedish cooking and lots of regulars; mainly old Swedish men who can tell you a thing or to about their wild youth in the 1950’s! A really cozy atmosphere and decent prices for a meal in the bar section.

Pelikan, Blekingegatan 40, Skanstull

Another traditional Swedish pub. A bit far off, but Stockholm is a small town and it takes less then ten minutes to get there by underground. And Pelikan serve the best Swedish meatballs in town, along with Café Tranan. Another Swedish must is the S.O.S wich is not a call for help but stands for Smör (butter), Ost (cheese) and Sill (herring). And this should come with a ice cold snaps (preferably Skåne with a taste of caraway).

Kungsholmen, Norr Mälarstrand, kajplats 464

Cocktails or food or both, overlooking the water. This could be the best menu in Stockholm when it comes to variation, and the food is great. There is Vietnamese and French dishes as well as traditional Swedish food. Not the budget option, but the perfect beginning of a night out. A busy place, a little loud, but hey, we go out to have fun and meet people, right? Barbeque brunch on Sundays.

Swedish cocktails at 1900, Regeringsgatan 66

Swedish tastes at the best. Swedish beer from micro breweries like Nynäshamns steam brewerie och Sigtuna brewerie. A superb cocktailbar that serves drinks with tastes of Cardamom, sea buckthorn and Rosemary herb.

Jebena, Rådhuset, Kungsholmen

African luxury at reasonable prices. Traditional Eritrean food, healthy and spicy. Served in a surprisingly cozy environment, despite the fact that it’s situated in the underground station of Rådhuset. This is a friendly place!

Östermalms korvspecialist, Nybrogatan 55

This little booth isn’t just a fast food place, it is the Mekka of the devoted sausage lover. Try their Hungarian hot dog with sauerkraut and tomato sauce, and your breath will never be quite the same.

Debaser, Slussen

A night club with a great live scene and a cool outdoor bar in the summertime. This is were the up and coming Swedish bands play, as well as foreign artists who don’t have a big audience in Sweden - yet.

Fasching, Kungsgatan 63

A big jazz scene on week days that turns into night club on Friday and Saturday nights. High quality live acts and a friendly atmosphere with guests of all ages from 18 and upwards. Within crawling distance from City Backpackers.

Glenn Millers Café, Brunnsgatan 21

A tiny jazz café where the musicians can hardly squeeze themselves between the instruments, but do one hell of a good job anyway! Devoted staff who makes you feel like a regular the first time you show up! Ten minutes walk from City Backpackers.

Strömming, fast food place at Slussen

This is the only fast food place in Stockholm with traditional Swedish cooking. (If you don’t count hot dogs - bet you didn’t know that’s a Swedish invention!) The base is herring fried in bread crumbs, served in many different ways. Be adventurous and order the herring burger, or just have the herring classical style with mashed potatoes. No tables, only take away. 30 minutes walk from City BackPackers, or ten minutes with bus 53.

Go to the movies , Zita Birger Jarlsgatan 37

Since movies are never dubbed in Sweden you can enjoy a Finnish, Australian or maybe a French movie at Zita, a former soft porn cinema now the mecka for independent films in Stockholm and then wash it down with a glass of red at the cosy restaurant Babs inside the cinema.