Skansen, Djurgården

Skansen is a park, a zoo and a big outdoor museum. You spend one day here and then you don’t have to travel Sweden, because this is like a guided tour around the country. They have moved typical houses from different parts of Sweden, to give you a feeling of what the country used to look like in the old days. The tour guides stay inside the houses, wearing traditional clothes and doing traditional stuff like making glass or baking bread. The surroundings are beautiful, a perfect location for a picnic. In fact, you should bring your own food, because the restaurants in the area are the only snag; pricy and not always very good. But a waffle to go is always excellent.

Street galleri, under the St Eriks bridge

It may smell of urine and the surroundings may look frightening but take another look. Walk down the stairs from the bridge and look at the walls underneath. Here the most famous street artists like Akay, Adams and Bacteria has been covering the walls with paintings, posters and stickers. The walls change all the time since new things are added. This is a popular setting for fashion fotography in Stockholm.

Art and architecture in the metro

The Stockholm underground is said to be the longest art exhibition in the world. It is 110 kilometers, and in some 90 of the 100 Metro stations passengers can enjoy an exciting, beautiful and varied art experience in the form of sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations, inscriptions and reliefs. Around 140 artists have helped to create this art along the metro lines, from the art pioneers of the 1950s to modern artistic experiments. An additional few hundred artists have added temporary art features. Kungsträdgården is a favourite, within walking distance of the hostel.

Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, Frescativägen 40

Learn more about wildlife today and back in the good old days when there were dinosaurs and weird little lucies! Put the museum staff in a tight spot by demanding to see the two headed snake in a jar. (There is one, but few in the staff know about it!) There is also a calf with two heads. Cosmonova cinema will make the whole world spin above your head, even without a drink. The healthiest high ever!

Bonniers art museum, Torsgatan 19

An art museum very near the hostel. Shaped like an iron. Even the rest rooms have got art inside. The exhibitions change frequently with a focus on emerging artists, both Swedish and international, as well as works by art students. A café run by Riddarbageriet bakery serves excellent sandwiches, soups and salads.

Moderna Museet, Skeppsholmen

The museum of modern art, complete with a stuffed goat with a car tire around its belly. The budget version is to stay outside and just enjoy the huge sculpture Paradise, with weird looking, rusty machines trying to reach the swelling buttocks of colorful fruity… things! Artist on crack united, stunning view from the café and a really good gift shop. We love it!

Nationalmuseum, Strömkajen

The national gallery, with a good collection of Scandinavian 19th century art. Now these paintings are something else; you can actually desipher the motive! Also they have that special glow of the Nordic light… dreadfully romantic. Free entrance if you are 19 or younger.


Historiska museet, Narvavägen 13, Östermalm

Learn more about early Swedish history, such as what the Vikings were up to when they didn’t rape and rob. Check out the treasure chamber “The gold room”, where some Viking loot is on display. Free entrance if you’re not yet 20 years.


If you have your inner child intact and are still hooked on Pippi Longstocking, this will be worth a visit. The whole museum is about the work of Astrid Lindgren, the coolest child writer ever. If you haven’t read all her books, get busy! Karlsson on the roof, the most horrid little flying man in the history of literature, might change your life with his motto "I'm the world's best." (His is little red house on the roof is situated not far away from City Backpackers, as is the flat where all the books were written.)

A bit expensive, but with a discount for students.

Walk with the dead at The Woodland Cemetery , Unesco world heritage

The cemetery can be found a short ride from the centre of Stockholm. It is a quiet place, where history feels close, and it’s a place of sublime beauty and poetry. Created 1915-1940 on about 250 acres of pine-covered boulder ridge under the direction of the famous modernist architects Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz. Considered one of the most important works of the modernists, it evokes a Nordic philosophy on nature, life, and death. There are also a number of beautiful chapels.

Music and theatre

No other city in the world has as many theatres as Stockholm, compared to the number of citizens. Culture is very much sponsored in Sweden, so you pay a fraction of the actual cost of the production, and the state of Sweden pays the rest! But we suspect you have no interest in sleeping through Hamlet in Swedish, no matter how cheap it is, so we suggest:

Operan, The royal opera, Kungsträdgården

In case you are ever planning on seeing a classical ballet or opera, the best bargain is to do so in Stockholm! The cheapest tickets cost little more than a ticket to the cinema.

Dansens hus, the modern dance theatre, Barnhusgatan 14

Around the corner from City Backpackers is the biggest scene for modern dancing in Sweden. To enjoy a show here you don’t have to understand Swedish, since they speak the global language of dancing which nobody can understand! Famous international groups come here regularly, and the ticket prices are low compared to other countries.