1. Can I cancel my booking?

    All cancellations have to be made until 18.00 (6pm) the day before your scheduled arrival. If you cancel in time, you won’t be charged anything at all and everything is cool. However, if you cancel too late you will have to pay the first night of your booked stay. Unless we get booked out – then you’re off the hook! You can cancel by e-mail; info@citybackpackers.se, phone; +46 (0)8 20 69 20 or text message us at +46 730 12 55 88 45.
  2. Are there 2-bedded rooms with beds other than bunk beds?

    Sure, you can book a double room ensuite, with a double bed and a private bathroom.
  3. Why does everybody have to take off their shoes at City Backpackers? And how often do you clean the hostel?

    Taking your shoes off when entering somebody's home is a very North European thing, a tradition so to speak. We have a long winter with a lot of snow and rain, and dragging the dirt into someones house for them to clean up is considered bad manners! We are very proud of our cleanliness ratings here at City Backpackers. We scrub the toilets and showers every afternoon, and check them three times daily to make sure they are clean. The dorms are cleaned every time someone checks out, and the common areas several times a day. The no shoes policy keeps the floors spotless and provides a homely atmosphere!
  4. We want to go out and might come back late. Can we get back in the hostel at night after the reception has closed?

    Of course! When you check in, you get a set of door codes; one for your dorm and another code for the entrance door. So there is no curfew, you can come and go whenever you like. And you really shouldn't miss out on the Stockholm night life!
  5. Can I pay in euro?

    No, we only accept Swedish money. Or you can pay with any type of debit or credit card (except American Express).
  6. Is bed linen compulsory or can I use my sleeping bag?

  7. Bed linen is compulsory at City Backpackers. You are welcome to bring your own set of sheets to save money, or rent them from us for 50 SEK per stay. You can also use a sleeping bag, but you will still need a sheet and pillow case to cover the mattress and pillow. Renting half a set of bed linen is 25 SEK.
  8. How much is it in euro or US dollars?

    Well, you can check the current currency course on www.valuta.se. But since the euro course doesn't really change much, the easiest way is to divide the Swedish price by ten and add ten percent. For example 10SEK: 10 = 1 € + 10% = 1,10 €. As for US dollars, the current rate is such that you would just have to divide by six. For example: 6SEK = 1$.
  9. Where is the pasta and do I have to cook the pasta myself?

    The pasta is in a medium container in the guest kitchen and yes, you have to cook it yourself!
  10. Is it true that we can't drink alcohol at City Backpackers?

    Well, we don't want to be the big ol' party poopers but our main trade is sleep after all. So the number one rule at City Backpackers is: Don't spoil the stay of your fellow travellers. It is totally okay to have a glass of wine or a beer with your meal, but we can't allow heavy drinking and loud partying at the hostel. In Stockholm you'll find many bars and clubs that are much better suited for that.
  11. Is it safe to drink the tap water at City Backpackers?

    Absolutely, it's perfectly safe. In fact the tap water in Stockholm is delicious, so there's no need to buy bottled water while you hare here. The only exception is the tap water on board the boats in the public transport system.
  12. Is there breakfast at City Backpackers?

    Yes, we serve a tasty breakfast in our café. A double sandwich, fresh coffee or tea, cereal with milk and a glass of orange juice, check in price 40 SEK, otherwise 50 SEK. There is also a good supermarkets a few minutes walk away, if you want to fix your own breakfast in the guest kitchen. Or have a free pasta breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day, after all!
  13. Can I park my car near City Backpackers?

    It's okay to park in the streets outside the hostel. The fee is 15 SEK/hour weekdays 09.00 - 17.00 (9am - 5pm). This is the normal charge everywhere in Stockholm. No charge at night. There is also a parking house close to the hostel. The entrance is on the street Olof Palmes Gata.
  14. Do I need a hostelling card to stay at City Backpackers? And do I get a student discount?

    Nope, we are an independent hostel and you don't need a hostelling card. And no, you don't get a student discount at City Backpackers. Anyhow, we still have the best prices in Stockholm, considering our location and our services!
  15. Should I book in advance or can I just drop by?

    As soon as you know that you're coming to Stockholm you should book your accommodation. Especially during the summer months since a lot of hostels are fully booked every day of the high season. But we are also booked out most weekends during low season, or around Christmas and New Years. BUT, if you haven't booked in advance, you should still pop by City Backpackers to see if we have beds available. Most nights we get last minute cancellations, and are of course very happy to fill those beds with backpacker walk ins!
  16. When can I check in?

    You can check in when ever you like but due to cleaning, you will have access to the rooms from 14.00 (2pm). In the meantime feel free to use the luggage room to store your belongings. If you arrive between 22.00 (10pm) and 08.00 (8am) please contact us, so we can arrange a late check in! Check out before 10.00 (10am).
  17. We are a family of two adults and two children and we would like to stay at City Backpackers, is there any possibility to accommodate us?

    City Backpackers doesn't often have families staying, but we totally understand and support travellers who want to teach their children about backpacking culture at an early age! If you have small children the best option is to rent a whole room or one of our two apartments.
  18. We are a class of 38 students from northern Sweden: 35 teenagers and three teachers. We would like to stay at the hostel for three nights in May. Do we get discount?

    We only accept smaller groups, please contact the reception for further details.
  19. I am looking for a long term place to stay in Stockholm. How long can I stay at City Backpackers and can I get a discount?

    Welcome to Stockholm, it's a great city! But the maximum stay at City Backpackers is seven nights, so you need to find somewhere else to stay after that. About discounts, our prices vary depending on availability, which means you can book a bed as cheap as 190 SEK sometimes. But we don't give discounts based on how long you are planning on staying.